कर्मवीर शंकरराव काळे सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., गौतमनगर

स्थापना: १९५६


सहकारी तत्वावरील आशिया खंडातला दुसरा सहकारी साखर कारखाना सातत्याने ऑडीट वर्ग 'अ' संस्था वसंतदादा शुगर इंस्टीट्युट पुणे यांचे तर्फे राज्यपातळीवर गळीतासाठी 'हायेस्ट रिड्युसड ओवरऑल रिकव्हरी' चे प्रथम क्रमांकाचे बक्षीस व सन २०१०-११ चा 'सर्वोत्कृष्ट ऊस विकास पुरस्कार' प्रदान, पांढरी शुभ्र दाणेदार साखर निर्मितीशिवाय दर्जेदार स्पिरीट/देशी मद्य निर्मिती, बायोगॅस निर्मिती, तसेच प्रदूषण नियंत्रण योजना, कंपोस्ट खत निर्मिती प्रकल्प इत्यादी .

Highlights of the Sugar Factory

Details of Sugar Factory & Bye-Products
Detail Information
Name & AddressKarmaveer Shankarrao Kale Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.Gautamnagar
PO: Kolpewadi, Taluka – Kopargaon, Dist-Ahmednagar(M.S.)
Phone : (02423) 261210 to 261215.
Fax : (02423) 261219 (Sugar Division), 261217 (Distillery Division)
E-Mail : kskssk1953@gmail.com Or
kosakasugar@rediffmail.com (Sugar Division)
kosakabhingari@rediffmail.com (Distillery Division) 

Constitution & Type

Co-Operative Society.
Registration No. G-260 dated 4th June 1953.

Product & CapacitySugar : 4,000 TCD
Rectified Spirit : 45,000 LPD
Potable Country Liquor : 2,25,000 LPD 
Year of commencement of productionSugar : 1955-1956
Rectified Spirit : 1976-1977
Country Liquor : 1978-1979
Biogas Generation : 1992-1993
Bio-Composting : 1999-2000 

Proposed ProjectCo-Generation from
Bagasse Capacity : 18.00 MW
Estimates Project Cost : 125.00 Crores

Successful Development of Sugar Factory

Ours is a second co-operative sugar factory in India established in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra just after independence in 1953 and started its commercial production of sugar in 1956 with initial capacity of 800 TCD. Based on increasing availability of sugar cane in area of operation, the karkhana(factory) has expanded its crushing capacity to four times from 800 TCD to 4000 TCD. It is one of the progressive sugar factory in the region and has achieved good results since its establishment under the able guidance & leadership of founder Chairman - Hon’ble Late Shri Shankarraoji Kale Saheb.

Factory Renamed in 2013


The Kopargaon Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.,Gautamnagar was renamed as ‘ Karmaveer Shankarrao Kale Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.’ in 2013.

The Co-operative Societies Act was enacted in India in 1904 with limited objective to provide cheap credit to the farmers and save them from exploitation of money lenders. It was only in the early 1930’s that the co-operative movement penetrated into sugar sector.  

The second co-operative sugar factory to be set up in Maharashtra was ‘The Kopargaon Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.,Gautamnagar, Post-Kolpewadi, Tal.-Kopargaon Dist. Ahmednagar under the Bombay Co-operative Societies Act, 1952 having Registration No. G-260 dated 4/6/1953.  

 Dr. Dhananjayrao Gadgil, Vaikunthbhai Mehta, Ganpatrao Autade & V.P.Varde supported the founder member Shri Shankarrao Deoram Kale, who was well educated at that time. Shankarrao Kale started counselling poor farmers by going door to door to develop faith, confidence & optimism in their hearts about co-operative movement.

The management of society started sugar factory on the modest way with the crushing capacity of 800 TCD per day with cane plantation area 1325 hectors. Crushing operations started on 15/02/1956 in the presence Dr. Dhananjayrao Gadgil.

However, the intial crushing capacity of sugar factory was 800 MT per day, but area under sugarcane increased gradually and management of the sugar factory expanded the crushing capacity from time to time. The present crushing capacity of our sugar factory is 4000 MT. per day. 

Cane Development Activity


A large number of sugar complexes are coming up due to the liberalization and introduction of new sugar policy of the Government. Therefore, sugarcane acreage per sugar mill is declining for producing a large quantity of sugarcane to run the mills to their full capacity, there are two options either to increase the sugar production vertically or increase area under sugarcane. The possibility to the second option is limited as area under agriculture is decreasing day by day. The only option left therefore is to increase production vertically by the use of innovative technologies. Following cane development activity adopted & implemented in area of operation by sugar factory to produce sugarcane.

1) Planning for season wise planting & harvesting

A scientific season planning & harvesting schedule is adopted by the sugar factory for adequate production of sugarcane coupled with increase in sugar recovery. The factory suggested the farmers to plant maturity wise harvesting of sugarcane based on the analysis made by refracto meter.  

2) Supply of quality seed 

Quality seed assumes great significance in any crop production. There is a need to change the variety of seedlings after every three to four years to maintain the purity of varieties and to get good recovery. The factory follow three tier seed programme and supplies quality seeds to the cane growers on credit basis.  


3) Drip Irrigation

The cane can be grown under well, bore well, lift & canal irrigation. The factory management has given prime importance to water saving strategy in sugarcane cultivation and adopted drip irrigation system. As a result 35 to 55% water is saved.  

For installation of drip system loans are made available by sugar factory from Union Bank of India. The incentive is given to the cane growers to adopt drip system on a large scale. 

4) Supply of Chemical fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers are supplied by the sugar factory on credit basis. SuppIy of weedicide, micronutrient, press-mud and compost on credit basis. 


5) Sugarcane Trash

Sugarcane trash can be used as a mulch and as a source of organic manure. In operational area considering water shortage and drought situation factory adopted practice of trash mulching in ratoon crop which benefits water saving. Factory gives incentive for trash mulching.

6) Promoted for green manuring

The application offym (farm yard manure) has been suggested before sugarcane planting, but due to its inadequate availability farmers did not add it. Considering this fact sugar factory supplies the green manurity crop seeds of Sunheamp & Dhaincha on 50% subsidy from last 10 to 15 years. Considering all these cane development activities sugar factory has been awarded- The Best Cane Development Award In Central Zone of Maharashtra by Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI, Pune) for 2010-2011.


Considering all these cane development activities sugar factory has been awarded- The Best Cane Development Award In Central Zone of Maharashtra by Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI, Pune) for 2010-2011.

Besides assisting the farmers in their main profession we also promote them to take up dairy & poultry activities as subsidiary business to raise their earnings thereby to improve their standards of living.



Our Management has a cost conscious approach always. To reduce the cost of sugar it is essential to develop various by-products to increase income. Keeping this object in mind we have set up molasses based Alcohol Production Plant in 1976 & Country Liquor manufacturing unit in 1979 affiliated to sugar factory. The molasses is the residual obtained from the process of manufacturing sugar. The annual capacity of our distillery for manufacturing industrial alcohol is 90 lac Itr. It is recently expanded to 135 lac Itr. The spent wash generated through this process is hazardous for human health and creates pollution. In order to avoid pollution the spent wash is used in biogas plant for primary treatment as well as to generate methane gas.

Country Liquor Bottling Unit

Karkhana also has a country liquor bottling unit established in 1979. At present country liquor unit works in two shifts. The performance of the distillery & country liquor unit is excellent. It is one of the most reputed country liquor manufacturing units in the state in terms of quality and production. 


   Our molasses based distillery unit was established in the year 1976 with an installed capacity 35 KLPD. After that in the year 2012-13 Management has up-grade distillery unit capacity upto 45 KLPD. It is batch fermentation and atmospheric distillation system. The raw spent wash generation from atmospheric distillation is around 500m3/day (5.00 lakh ltrs.) For the treatment of spent wash in the existing distillery Karkhana has adopted bio-methanization followed by bio-composting system. For composting there is lack of pressmud in offseason upto 5 to 6 months due to which it is difficult to run distillery throughout year.  

    As per directions given by Ministry of Environment & Forest, New Delhi and Pollution Control Board to reduce spent wash generation and for effective treatment of spent wash our Management has decided to up-grade its existing effluent treatment system by installing Multiple Effect Evaporator Plant (MEE) to concentrate spent wash followed by Incineration Boiler for achieving Zero Liquid Discharge”. 

   The Management has also decided to install TG Set for electricity generation which will be used for distillery and exhaust system from TG Set will be used for distillery and evaporation plant. Incineration Boiler having capacity 15 M.T. and Turbine having capacity 1.5 M.V. The Management has also decided to installed Condensate Polishing Unit (CPU) for treatment of Evaporation process condensate and spent lees. After treatment in CPU treated water will reused for Distillery Cooling Tower makeup or for fermentation process. In this way distillery will able to achieve “Zero Liquid Discharge”.

- संगणक -


    आपले कारखान्याने ऑफिस कामकाज सुरळीतपणे पार पाडणेकामी सन १९९२ पासून संगणकीकरणास सुरुवात केलेली आहे. यामध्ये ठराविक विभागाचे बॅच पध्दतीने संगणकीकरण केलेले होते. यामध्ये संगणक विभागातील कर्मचा-यांनी फॉक्सप्रो डेटा बेस वापरुन संगणक प्रणाली विकसित करुन अनेक विभागांचे कामकाज सुरु केलेले होते. फॉक्सप्रो डेटा बेस मध्ये काही मर्यादा असलेमुळे सन २००२ पासून आपले कारखान्याने वसंतदादा शुगर इन्स्टिट्युट, पुणे यांचेकडून ओरॅकल डेटाबेस वापरुन ठराविक विभागाची संगणक प्रणाली विकसित करणेस सुरुवात केली. सन २०१०-२०११ पासुन सर्व विभागांची एकमेकाशी सलग्न असणारी व्ही.एस.आय. शुगर ईआरपी संगणक प्रणालीचे काम सुरु करुन सन २०१६-२०१७ पर्यंत बहुतांशी काम पुर्ण झालेले आहे. यामध्ये आपले सर्व ऑफिस मधील संगणक हे ऑप्टीकल फायबर व कॅट-६ केबल वापरुन मुख्य संगणकाशी(सर्व्हर) नेटवर्क द्वारे जोडलेले आहेत. आपले कारखान्याने लीज लाईनद्वारे इंटरनेटची सुविधा दिलेली आहे. 

आपण वापरत असलेल्या संगणक ई.आर.पी. सिस्टीममुळे विविध विभागांची कामे वेळेत व बिनचुक केली जातात. तसेच संगणक नेटवर्कींगमध्ये असलेमुळे डेटा एन्ट्री डुप्लीकेशन होत नाही. संगणकाद्वारे शेतकी ऊस तोडणी प्रोग्राम आपण ऊस परिपक्वता दिनांक व ऊसाचा ब्रीक्स नुसार क्रमवारी केल्यामुळे आपले कारखान्याची रिकव्हरी वाढणेस व ऊस व्यवस्थापनास मदत झालेली आहे. आपले कारखान्याने ऊस वजन काटा संगणकीय केलेला आहे. संगणकाने दिलेले ऊसाचे वजन ऊस वजन स्लीपवर संगणकाद्वारे छापले जाते व डिस्प्लेवरही दिसले जाते. त्यामुळे ऊसाचे अचुक वजन होते, त्यामुळे ऊस वजनात पारदर्शकता आलेली आहे. आपले कारखान्याने कर्मचा-यांच्या हजेरीकामी बायोमेट्रीक अटेंडन्स सिस्टीमचा अवलंब केलेला आहे. कर्मचा-यांचा देय पगार पेन ड्राईव्ह मध्ये सॉफ्टकॉपी घेऊन बँकेत हार्ड कॉपीसह वर्ग केला जातो त्यामुळे बँकेत ५ ते १० मिनिटात पोस्टींग घेतले जाते, त्यामुळे बँकेचे कामकाजाचा वेळ वाचलेला आहे.

सन २०१७-२०१८ पासून कारखान्याने ऊस उत्पादक शेतक-यांना त्यांचे होणारे दैनंदिन ऊसाचे वजन व ऊस पेमेंट एस.एम.एस.द्वारे पाठविणेची सुविधा केलेली आहे. तसेच सन २०१८-२०१९ मध्ये कारखान्याने आधुनिक पध्दतीची karmaveerkalesugar.com या नावाने वेबसाईट तयार केली असुन ऊस उत्पादक शेतक-यांना त्यांचे ऊसाची नोंद, दैनंदिन ऊस गाळप माहिती उपलब्ध करुन दिली आहे. तसेच ऊस उत्पादक शेतक-यांना त्यांचे होणारे ऊस पेमेंटची वैयक्तिक माहिती ओ.टी.पी. द्वारे सुरक्षित पध्दतीने उपलब्ध करुन दिलेली आहे. तसेच सदर वेबसाईटवर कारखाना, उपपदार्थ विभागांची व संलग्न संस्थेची अद्यावत माहिती उपलब्ध करुन दिलेली आहे.

आपले कारखान्याने पुढील विभागांचे संगणक ई.आर.पी.सिस्टीम प्रणाली वापरुन कामकाज सुरु केलेले आहे. १) सभासद शेअर्स विभाग २) शेतकी विभाग ३)ऊस विकास विभाग ४)वजन काटा विभाग ५) केन विभाग ६) सभासद बिगर सभासद ठेव विभाग ७) ऊस तोडणी व वहातूक विभाग ८) साखर विक्री विभाग ९) मॅन्युफॅक्चरींग विभाग १०) फायनान्स विभाग ११)जनरल स्टोअर्स विभाग १२) परचेस विभाग १३) स्टोअर अकौंटींग विभाग १४) मुदत ठेव विभाग १५)लेबर व टाईम ऑफिस विभाग १६)शुगर गोडाऊन विभाग १७) पेट्रोल पंप विभाग.

तसेच डिस्टीलरी डिव्हीजनचे १)फायनान्स विभाग २)जनरल स्टोअर्स विभाग ३) परचेस विभाग ४) स्टोअर अकौंटींग विभाग ५) स्पिरीट विक्री विभाग ६)देशी मद्य विभाग ७) लेबर व टाईम ऑफिस संगणकीकृत केलेले आहे.

यामुळे आपले कारखान्याच्या कामकाजात सुसुत्रता आली असुन वेळेची फार मोठी बचत होते व डेटाबेस संगणकावर उपलब्ध असलेमुळे हवी ती माहिती त्वरीत उपलब्ध होते. तसेच सर्व विभागांचे संगणकीकरण झाले असलेमुळे कर्मचा-यांच्या संख्येत मोठी बचत झालेली आहे.

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